Artist’s Statement

“I do art because I have to. It is as much a part of me as breathing. It is what feeds my soul. From the joy of mixing colors, or seeing papers change as they touch and overlap, to watching photographs ‘magically appear’; it is my source of joy. Art brings a freshness and spontaneity to my life that I can get from nowhere else.”

Kate Lindsey

For me, my art is more about sensing than understanding intellectually. It starts with my intuition, and channels raw, driving emotions, that express in shapes, forms, and textures. My art tells me what I need to know, and what I might be afraid to acknowledge. I try to open my head and bring others into my world, spilling myself onto paper and canvas with layers of images, words, and memories. My visual vocabulary intuitively reveals layers of my past, present, and future lives, as well as my emotional responses to, and perceptions of, the world I see and experience around me. My current work involves bringing forth images in layers of my past, both recent and distant, as seen through the filters of my imagination and emotions. Images may show fading memories. Colors and textures express joy, love, fear, confusion, and desire. Fabric represents the fabric of my life, threads of connections with people and places. Pattern pieces and paper scraps show patterns of behavior I have become aware of and rejoice in, or try to gently change. Words, letters, and numbers may reveal secrets or truths emerging through layers I’ve kept hidden — even from myself. Through my eyes and hands, I am expressing my personal connection with the world. I strive to push past the boundaries of my internal uncertainty, in order to help me understand my place in the world. All in order to become more intensely and completely myself.

My work has always developed from my intuition. It expresses my emotional responses and perceptions of the world I see around me.The emotions and images that drive me are almost impossible to condense into words. My work is very much a result of my feelings at the time, not even visual ideas — they seem more raw than that, simply more emotional, and in the the end it just seems the best way for me to express them, is to express them visually. These feelings don’t usually have words. They have shapes, lines, colors, textures, and images. They tell me what I need to know, or what I already know, but I’m afraid to consciously acknowledge. There is something inside me calling me to express myself visually. Without it I’m lost, but with it — it’s a continuous journey, guiding me to new places and awarenesses.

I began taking photographs many years ago, at a very early age with a Kodak camera. Soon, thereafter, I started using my father’s new Polaroid camera. which I still use regularly. Later I began using 35mm film cameras, then more recently, digital cameras and Holga medium format cameras. Today I make many of my images with the camera in my iPhone. The point is it’s not about the camera, because for me the source is the same. The place where the image originates — regardless of how it is finally expressed — has never changed. I try to simplify my images to the essence of what is most important to the meaning of each piece. This sometimes includes the use of paint, or various other media, incorporated with the photograph to help express the emotions that are being drawn out.