Kate’s Story, and The New Mexico Experience


Kate Lindsey first experienced the magical light of Santa Fe, New Mexico in July 2007. Upon her arrival she knew immediately that Santa Fe would one day be her home. After a long and winding course of the next eight years, she did indeed find herself moving into her first live/work studio in Santa Fe. With a grateful nod to the heavens, she knew she was finally home.

Kate was born and raised in Central Arkansas and lived most of her life in Little Rock. She began taking photographs at an early age with a Kodak camera, and soon after with her Dad’s new Polaroid. She soon knew that making art would be her life path. Her creative journey has included graphic design, teaching art, and exploring photography and painting in great depth.

During the eight years between that first trip and her move to Santa Fe in 2015, Kate visited the city and surrounding areas every year for two to three weeks at a time. Each trip deepened her love of the light, the people, the mountains, dry air, and especially the sky and clouds. It immediately felt like home. It was the yearly journeys to the high desert that nourished her, and kept her going over the intervening eight years. And those eight years were to be of never ending challenges.

Upon returning to Little Rock after that first trip in 2007, Kate realized the time had come to move her ailing Mother into her home, and take on the role of primary caretaker and the myriad of tasks that included. Several years later after the passing of her Mother, a new chapter began. It included going through and emptying the contents of her Mother’s home. Then there was overseeing two house remodels, the sale of her home, and finally packing and moving to Santa Fe.

Arriving in Santa Fe, in the Spring of 2015 was truly a breath of fresh air in many ways. The dry air felt good, it was easier to move, her Arkansas allergies were gone. It was a whole new life in a whole new place. The winding road of the next couple of years held its own series of new challenges. The purchase of a home and the subsequent lengthy remodel. The end of a relationship. The sudden loss of her dearest friend of over 40 years. Then the diagnosis, surgery, and treatment of cancer. A long and difficult journey indeed.

And through it all, Kate continued to make photographs nearly daily, posting to Instagram and participating in that community was a lifeline. She made many small paintings expressing the deep transition she was experiencing. All of this work has been a way of processing the grief and loss of the the past several years. Thought it all, she continues to be inspired daily by Northern New Mexico. The colors, the light, the clouds, and the spirit of the high desert are slowly sinking into her bones, bringing a deep healing process. She is inspired to expand her artwork in new directions, both her photography, her painting, and the exciting place where the two overlap.

November - 2018